Wedding Dress 101

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Shopping for your wedding dress is both exciting and nerve racking.  The first thing you should do is look through a few bridal magazines. Get on the internet and go through some photos. Print out and clip out dresses that you like or things about the dress you like. Bring these with you as they will be helpful information for your bridal dress consultant.
Already found the dress of your dreams? Well hold on, I don’t want to disappoint you but just because you look at a picture and fall in love with the dress doesn’t mean that the dress is for you.  You could try it on and it could look complete wrong on your body type.  Don’t get discouraged try other dresses that are similar but maybe have a different cut to them or detailing.  The key to not being disappointed is to keep your mind open when you are dress shopping.

First know your wedding dress terminology:

ball gown
high neck
spaghetti straps
corset bodice
beach casual bohemian

Here is some advice to take with you when you start to shop for your wedding dress:

  • Start looking right away. It takes a minimum of 4 months to get your wedding and bridesmaid’s dresses. Remember you will have at least 2 fitting.
  • Save, Save and Save. Your wedding dress is going to be minimum of $1,000  unless you have time to go to David’s Bridal and camp out at 4 am to get into the door on the biggest sale day they have once a year.   Even then there is no guarantee you will walk out with your dream dress.
  • As for sizes, if you wear and 8 in regular clothing, you will probably wear a 12 or 14 in a wedding dress.  I know it is kind of depressing.
  • Don’t take the world with you.  The more people you have the more stressful it will be.  Bring one or two trusted people in your life.
  • Bring a digital camera.  Take several pictures from many angels of you in each dress. This will help you later when you are picking out your shoes, jewelry and head piece.
  • Keep an open mind. Even if there is a style you think you hate, try it on anyway. You would be surprised.
  • You will and should try on many dresses.
  • Don’t panic if you don’t find a dress the first time out.  Shopping for a wedding dress is very stressful.
  • And last but not least, have your favorite bottle of wine in the fridge for when you get home – trust me your going to need it.

Try to have fun and remember it’s your day!



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