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Wedding Trends for 2013


Every year, we see certain trends develop in fashion and lifestyle. Often, these are synthesized and take shapes that are reflected throughout wedding season. Taking a cue from current culture, here are some of the trends we’re expecting in 2013.

Local Love

With the impact of the economic downturn still impacting many and the current tendency towards going green and supporting small business, one of the trends we’re expecting is a movement toward loving all things local. Many are looking to keep things small, locally grown and independent. Brides are opting for local flowers, not simply locally-housed florists, but specifically wildflowers native to the region. Menus are filled with veggies, fruits and proteins from local farms and wines made a few doors down. By keeping things close, not only are brides saving money, they are also able to highlight some of the great features of their area and support their local economy. Look for brides opting to prioritize sustainability and frugality over the more lavish ceremonies of seasons past.


In keeping with the theme of environmental and economic sustenance, many find themselves turning their weddings into DIY extravaganzas. But these certainly aren’t the glue gun toting, raffia folding DIY projects of the past. Sources such as DIY Weddings Magazine and Pinterest allow brides to look through a catalog of endless creative ideas. Many brides are including their bridal attendants in the projects and holding their own wedding pre-parties to create the wedding of their dreams. Look for brides to outsource elements to creative friends, sending invitation requests to graphic designer pals and sharing in catering duties with the top chef of their own clan.


Last year, as you may remember, one of the top trends we saw was tangerine. Everywhere, from bridesmaid dresses to flowers, guests were treated to the sunny side of life. Citrus hues may be on their way out, but prints have stepped into their place. Adorning everything from dresses to doorways, look for florals, graphic bold prints and chevrons to add a little kick to the usual monotone monotony.  Brides will especially be looking outside the box when it comes to their wedding dresses.  Gone are the days of traditional white.  Dresses like this floral print style from the White by Vera Wang collection at David’s Bridal will be big in the spring and summer.

Virtual Guests

This year you can expect to see more and more couples live streaming their wedding over the internet.  This is the perfect way to include friends and family members who couldn’t be present.  Whether they are across the world on deployment, ill, or have some other engagement preventing them from attending, they will still be able to be part of the special day.  Also, if a couple cannot afford to have a large wedding, this is a way to “invite” several more guests, even if they are virtual.

What do you think of these trends for the New Year?  Do you plan on incorporating any in your wedding?

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